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Lighting the way as you nurture your whole child

Welcome to Little People, BIG Feelings! We are a family-friendly resource created for the purposes of informing and supporting parents and caregivers of Deaf and Hard-of-hearing (D/HH) infants and toddlers in these important early years.

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Our goal is to meet you where you are and provide relevant resources to light your early relationship journey.

Our Vision Is Two-Fold:


To Inform

To provide easy-to-use information as you nurture your little one’s earliest relationships


To Support

To support you as you guide your child in developing healthy social-emotional abilities for lifelong connections.

These earliest years are a critical time in young DHH children’s lives. We are grateful you are here to learn and grow with us!

Our Approach

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We believe that informing parents empowers them to help their child thrive. Supported, knowledgeable families raise healthy, resilient children.

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We can adjust our information, resources, and encouragement to best meet families’ and little ones’ actual needs in the most practical, affirming ways. 

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We offer small, proven ways to build in opportunities for connection, nurturing, learning, joy, and celebration in moments that make up daily life.

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We believe that when a parent has support and information, their DHH child’s future is bright!

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Hello, Holland: Beth, Brandon, and Cooper’s Earliest Months

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