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We are a family-friendly resource designed to inform and support parents and caregivers of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) infants and toddlers. These earliest years are a critical time in young DHH children’s lives. We are grateful you are here to learn and grow with us! Our goal is to meet you where you are and provide relevant resources to light your early relationship journey.

Our Vision Is Two-Fold:


To Inform

To provide easy-to-use information as you nurture your little one’s earliest relationships


To Support

To support you as you guide your child in developing healthy social-emotional abilities for lifelong connections.

These earliest years are a critical time in young DHH children’s lives. We are grateful you are here to learn and grow with us!

Our Purpose

You are here because…

  • You love your DHH child and want to give your child the best start in life.
  • You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the information to learn. 
  • You have many decisions and adjustments to make to meet your little one’s needs. 
  • You know how crucial your baby’s earliest experiences are for healthy brain, body, and relationship development.
  • You may feel alone and even “lost” on your journey parenting your DHH child.
  • You need trustworthy, non-judgmental, empowering guidance to accompany and encourage you as you journey at your own pace.

We are here because…

  • We know you care deeply about your child and family. 
  • We want to support you by providing practical resources in a warm, understanding way. 
  • We realize how full your life is.  We want to light your path with positive encouragement and practical tips for connecting with your DHH little one daily. 
  • We believe parents are the most important people in their child’s life. We want to guide you in strengthening your relationship with your most treasured gift. 
  • We recognize how self-doubt about your ability to be an excellent parent for your DHH child can creep in and rob you of joy in your journey. We desire to support you as you grow in confidence and become the true expert on your DHH child and family.
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Our Beliefs

Deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers deserve the best possible start in life. They need:

  • an environment with accessible, rich language input
  • strong, healthy relationships with caregivers
  • intentional sensitivity and flexibility to their unique developmental needs

Families of deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers deserve the best possible professional and community support as they navigate the earliest years. They need:

  • unbiased, research-based information on how to create an environment in which their DHH child can flourish
  • encouraging relationships with trusted, knowledgeable professionals
  • community resources to guide them as they become optimal nurturers, teachers, and advocates

Our Approach

The Three I's

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We believe that informing parents empowers them to help their child thrive. Supported, knowledgeable families raise healthy, resilient children.

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We can adjust our information, resources, and encouragement to best meet families’ and little ones’ actual needs in the most practical, affirming ways. 

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We offer small, proven ways to build in opportunities for connection, nurturing, learning, joy, and celebration in moments that make up daily life.

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Our Intention

Each piece of information contained on this website is designed to serve as a “candle” to illuminate the earliest years of your lifelong journey with your deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) little one.  A dark, untraveled road can feel daunting, and few of us would choose to walk down it.  We prefer what is familiar, comfortable, and clear. 

Even when the road is dark and uncertain, we can gather our courage and resources, and move forward in hope and joy.

Every DHH child is unique, as is every parent, caregiver, and family.  The choices each family makes are very personal to their and their child’s strengths, needs, preferences, and abilities. No simple steps or easy solutions exist for your individualized journey with your child. 

While no one can control the unexpected cracks, bumps, potholes, hills, cliffs, and wear-and-tear along the road, we can choose “candles” to light the path and ease our way.

No matter the road on which we find ourselves, we can choose to find light and warmth along the way.  We hope this resource provides both for you, your family, and your deaf or hard of hearing child.

Challenges will come, and you will have the ability to face them with knowledge, strength, and love.

Having supportive people, accurate information, and sources of encouragement can make your road feel a bit safer, smoother, and more inviting. You have complete freedom to bring along what helps, and leave what doesn’t.  Also, you are allowed to adapt the tools offered to meet your needs. Finally, it is expected that, along the way, you will take steps forward and backward, and change direction as needed. 

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