Lighting the Way

three candles icon

Just enough light for your next step in the journey...

Throughout this site, you will see a candle used next to each bit of information, resource, or practical application strategy.  

This symbol was chosen for multiple reasons:

  • Candles are small but effective.
  • Candles are simple, not fancy or complicated.
  • Candles are accessible: they are found in many places and are inexpensive.
  • You can collect as many or as few candles as you need, and they will still light a dark or unfamiliar place. 
  • Candles can be passed quickly and easily from one person to another: one small flame can light another wick and another and another.  A “flame of information” can be spread far and wide!
  • They are symbols of HOPE: of light in the darkness, of celebration, of comfort and peacefulness.
  • When you are done using a specific candle, you can pass it on, or simply blow it out.  You needn’t be burdened carrying candles that are no longer necessary for future steps.
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