Repair when you mess up.

Spoiler Alert: You will mess up. You are a human.

Rest assured: You do not have to be perfect to help your little one develop secure attachment!  In fact, research consistently shows that when a parent is responsive to baby’s needs about one-third of the time, secure attachment can still occur.  Have compassion for yourself and your little one during rough moments.

  • Show me on your face, with your words or signs, and through gentle touch that you still love me. 
  • Tell me in ways I can understand what went wrong.  Use signs, words, gestures, and facial expressions.  I am paying attention to all that you are trying to communicate to me!  I am learning from you how to repair my relationships as I grow.
  • Seal the repair with a kiss, a hug, a cuddle, a tickle, or a simple connective activity. Coloring, blowing bubbles, rolling a ball, playing with my favorite toy, reading a book…active reconnection lets me know all is well, and we are ready to move forward as a team.

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