Pay attention to earliest communication.

Communication starts immediately.

Notice the many ways your little one constantly sends messages about wants and needs.

  • I am eager to communicate with you through…
    • my voice (cries, vocalizations, coos, babbles, words, signs)
    • my facial expressions (smiling, frowning, grimacing, widening my eyes) 
    • my hands (gestures, pointing, signs, grasping and dropping objects, wriggling fingers)
    • my arms (reaching, pushing away, flailing), and my legs (kicking, straightening, rhythmic movements)
    • Sometimes, my whole body sends a message.  Watch all of me! Each time we connect during daily routines, playing, and snuggling, my brain grows stronger.
  • Consider…
    • When I want to engage with you, how do I show you? What about when I have had enough?
    • What do I do when I am starting to feel hungry?  What about when my tummy is full?
    • When I am enjoying myself, how do I show it?  When I am frustrated or angry, how do I react?
    • When I want something, how do I tell you?  How do I tell you when I don’t want something?

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