Just be present in the present.

Your presence is a big deal.

Often, just being present with your little one is enough to create deep connection.  You don’t need to fix or entertain. Just be. Try to limit distractions to your togetherness.

  • Sometimes, all I need is to be snuggled, especially in hard moments.  My tears of exhaustion, frustration, anger, disappointment, and restlessness need to fall. Give me comfort, engaging in self-care when necessary.
  • When I become upset, I need you to be as calm and steady as possible.
  • Try using “connective distractions” to help me focus on happier things: a favorite book or puzzle, a song, a lovey, a tickle, a snack, bubbles, “Peek-a-boo,” or a clapping or bouncing game in your lap may be just what I need to move from sad to glad. 
  • Please don’t give me a screen each time I fuss!  I need to learn how to feel a whole range of feelings. I must learn to trust that I am loved even in hard moments. 

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