Consider your DHH child’s unique visual and listening needs.

Loving Caregiver + Daily Routines + Calm, Quiet Environment = BEST. TEACHERS. EVER!

Set up an environment for language success by limiting distractions. Language–both signed and spoken–is acquired best in quiet, calm spaces.

  • Consider turning off screens and sources of extra noise, particularly during our special together times like playing, reading, snuggling, and mealtimes.
    • The TV can distract my attention from your important face, body language, gestures, signs, and spoken words.
    • Background noise from music, phone notifications, battery-powered toys, and running appliances can interfere with my listening abilities.
  • Family meals are a great opportunity for us to connect in deeper ways. I want to be included as much as possible in all aspects of our family life.
  • We can have a lot of fun watching special shows and dancing to favorite songs. These times are wonderful for me! Be sure to carve out quiet times and spaces, too.

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