Become your child’s empathy role model.

Seeing and experiencing empathy leads to internalizing empathy.

Show empathy to your little one. Guide your child in noticing others’ feelings and cues so she can show empathy and kindness to others, too. Children learn best by experiencing and doing over and over again.

  • Most of my learning about empathy comes from our daily routines.  The little moments matter most:
    • Join me in laughter.
    • Stroke and hug me when I am hurting.
    • Sit with me in my disappointment.
    • Reassure me in my fears.
    • Show me facial expressions and feeling words in books we read together.
    • Encourage me to comfort my sibling, friend, or you.  
    • Notice me when I show kindness, gentleness, care, and love to others.

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