Affirm displays of empathy.

Notice all that your little one is doing well, and have a little party on the spot!

Look for opportunities to celebrate your little one’s growing empathy! Be specific, adding language to the positive behavior.

  • When you see me being kind to someone–checking on a friend who has fallen down, frowning when I see my sister cry, giving a flower to someone to show them love–let me know you noticed.  Show me with your face, body language, words, and signs that I have chosen wisely. 
  • Knowing I have made someone feel good makes ME feel good about myself!  I’ll likely try those behaviors again.
  • Celebrate with a loving touch, a word/sign, a shared smile, or a wink…
    • my generosity (Sharing my Goldfish crackers is a BIG DEAL!)
    • moments when I use signs or words to tell you how I am feeling
    • times when I complete a challenging task that used to make me fall apart
    • when I honor a limit or routine without protest
    • my cooperative actions
    • when you see me just being me (Because who else in this world is going to love me like you do just because I am me?!)

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